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Page history last edited by louis katz 14 years, 1 month ago

Finding the Sunset between two shades of brown:

The irrelevance of quanta in Daily life:


I need a beer.


I posted pictures of pots on the internet today. They are a student's pots. A friend, a ham radio  operator saw them and said, " but they are all brown".


Between any two points on a line there are an infinite number of points. That is what we are taught. That is until we learn about quanta. Quanta tell us that things that we thought were  analog are really digital. Einstein says that to live a life as if there is not G-d is to not live, at least I think that was his point.


To assume the world to be digital is to assume flatness, a lack of richness. This may be the truth but dwelling on it does us no good. At age 10 when I decided that despite the fact that current events predict everything that will happen in the future there is no positive good that will come from dwelling on it.


It is the same truth somehow that tells me that words are not reality, that brown is a label , a box to trap us , that hard edged constructs are mara, illusory figments, designed to digitize the world in to the George Bush polarity, good-bad, us and them, vanilla and chocolate. Yup give me a beer.


It may well be that there are an infinite number of frequencies between 7.0 and 7.4 megahertz , and that waves come in an infinite variety of wavelengths, but it may be that the very quanta that afflict energy also find there way into waves, colors, texture, flavor and personality.


I choose to believe in the riches, the analog infinite, the sunset capable of being placed between two similar shades of brown, browns  mostly red with the richness of oxidized iron, modulated with the varying lights textures, and forms. Life exists between labels, between two shades of brown.

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